2018 Spreadsheet of results – (page per race)

2017 50km results. 100k Results. 100mile Results. 5, 10 and half marathon results.

2016 link to results here.  Half marathon results here

2015 link to results. You can switch between 50k and 21k via a drop-down box near the top.

2014 PDF Male 161km PDF Female 161km

2014  PDF 100km and PDF 50km

2014 spreadsheet (shows splits/time at each marshal point) 

2014 21k fun run reseults

2013  spilts spreadsheet.


2012 PDF of categories and placings…

2011- Lists below are in order with the winner at the top. Official results click here.

100mile Finishers 2011
100km Finishers 2011
50km Finishers 2011
Martin LukesFirst Over-all
Matt Bixley
Gordi Kirkbank-ellis
Darrel Robins
Wayne Baxter
Glenn Sutton
Brent Rayner
Daniel Trevena
Malcolm Mcleod
Michael Wright
Callum Wicks
Dan Bleakman
Tracey WoodfordFirst Woman
Christine Couldrey
Sam Evans
Chris GatesFirst Over-all
Russell Trotter
Mitch MurdochFirst Woman
Debbie Fillery
Lesley Turner Hall
Blair McWhirter
Brent Harris
Malcolm Brown
Philip Sicklinger
Dan Greig
Gareth Edmondson
Penny Kirkwood
Ben Benjamin
Jim Kerse
Matt SuddabyFirst Over-all
Caro GatesFirst Woman
Tim Kauling
Tui Summers
Marie Ford
Greg Wilkinson
Emma Fergusson
Stephen Pelham
Helen Chignell
Alfred Bleg
Malik Abdul
Samantha Gash
Roger Moroney
Guy Dryden
James Greenslade-Yeats

3 thoughts on “Results

  1. Fair points here. Women should be given equal press coverage to men in all of these events. Here in Britain some years ago, a woman ( Sarah Rowell ) won an ultra endurance race outright, beating all the men. I believe women have a superb ‘Miles per Gallon’ capacity for ultra endurance and may have a stronger finishing ratio on courses like this.

  2. Hello, just a note about the first women home and also a women who lasted the distant while some men fell.
    I am most disappointed with the whole media arena for not giving any credence to the winning female competitor of the first NZ 100mile event. Even the Northburn website has no pictures of Tracey Woodford running or coming in….why?
    Tracey is some what gutted with the treatment of the newspapers, as they have approached the men in the event but not the winning women.
    Also you have pics on your site of men who did not even finish the 100mile ?!!!!
    Tracey feels somewhat deflated. After doing so well with no blisters and looking real beautiful at the prize giving…hard to believe she had actually run 100miles the day prior, while some of the blokes still looked shattered. Who are the stayers -women also, so they should have been given acknowledgement and I am of the old school -winning is best and they should be noted for the grand effort they (the winners) put in to make it to the end.
    Very sexist coverage from all media circles…shame
    Regards Nelly Hymen

    • Yeh fair points Nelly – we don’t actually have any photos of Tracey, I’ll have to chase up her support crew cos I’m sure they’ll have heaps and I’ll get them up here. Next year we will have an official photographer so we won’t miss anyone!

      I’ll high-light the first men and women in each class in the results above now.

      Please make no mistake – we are all in awe of Tracey – we think she is legendary. I’m pretty sure we made that very clear to her on the day.

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