50km Skyrun

And for the rookies to ultra mountain running we have a 50km option.

Once around the first 50km loop (of the 100km and 160km courses) taking you from 200m above sea level (Start/finish) up over the top of Northburn Station at around 1660m. Total climb of 2600m

There will be plenty of marshals along key areas of the course. The course will be well marked with directional arrows and reflective tape. There will be one aid station about half way with nutrition and electrolyte supplements. There will only be a couple of fresh water re-fill positions (creeks) along the course so a water carrying capacity of about 2L per person is important. there will be some compulsory re-fill points.

This is a dry, hard, rocky course mostly run over high country 4WD tracks but also including some short sections of fence lines and sheep tracks. The weather can be ‘changeable’ so your minimum gear must be carried at all times.

Minimum gear requirements are:

  • small day backpack.
  • rain jacket – it can be just a ‘shell’ but it must be seam-sealed waterproof.
  • merino or thermal long sleeve top
  • extra fleece/mid weight wool top we have just added this to the list.
  • Whistle
  • long thermal tights or trousers
  • warm beanie or Thir Band
  • polyprop gloves
  • survival blanket
  • own snacks, gels, energy bars etc
  • water bottles/bladders – enough to carry 2 litres of water at all times
  • headlight for the early start
  • reflector stripes or vest or back flashing light for the early start.
  • cell phone (recommended but optional)
  • gps/compass (optional)
  • gaiters (optional but highly recommended)

Start: 6am Saturday, at the Marquee, Northburn Station.

$170 until end of February.

$200 from 1st March

Entries will be refunded less 20% Admin fee if organisers are notified by 1st March. No refunds after this date but your entry is transferable to another runner or to next years event.
Entries close March 16. Late entries may be available at the race organisers   discretion but a late fee of NZ$30 will apply.
First 50k
First 50k


If this is your first Ultra we recommend starting with a structured plan and working alongside Lisa Tamati and Neil Wagstaff at Running Hot Coaching, you’ll be able to learn all you need to know, in a structured and scientific way to ensure that not only will you achieve your goal but that you will do it knowing that you can avoid injury and finish strong.

They will be with you all the way to the start line.

Get started now and download your FREE Running Hot Coaching training plan to help you get started the right way.


15 thoughts on “50km Skyrun

  1. Hi – I am thinking I might do the 50km – it depends how I pull up after the Motatapu Marathon – which is 9th March. Am I correct that it will cost me $210 to run 50km if I enter on 12th March??

    • Yep. For organisational purposes we realy need people to register in advance – while one or two late entries don’t impact too much we need to be fair on everyone else who’s entered early. We could not put on events like this if it was just enter a couple of weeks prior as you can get away with on small, easier to manage courses… If you enter now then injur yourself during Motatapu – we’re happy to hold your entry over until next year?

  2. Hi I am doing the Tarawera 100km the week before but would like to come down and do the 50km to get a taste of it before I do the 100 miler in 2014.I have been told not to enter untill after Tarawera to see how I feel but then I would need to pay $50 more, Could I enter before and If I get injured or something during Tarawera. Could my 50km entry goes towards my 100 miler entry for the next year? If that makes sense. Thanks

  3. Hi
    I am relatively new to running, only been running about 5 months, just recently ran the 50k at the great naseby water race ( rather slowly, finishing in just under 6 hours ). Are there any other events that would be better prep for northburn 50k that you could reccomend?

  4. To get this race registered as a qualifying race for the UTMB in France the following information is required. Please could you supply information for 6-9 & 11 for the 100k race. Tahnks
    1. name of the race
    2· country
    3· state or department for the US or France
    4· date of the race
    5· distance
    6· positive altitude change
    7· if race by stages : number of stages, distance and positive altitude change of the hardest stage
    8· time of the 1st
    9· number of refreshment points
    10· address of the internet site
    11. email address of the organiser

  5. I have only run a half marathon, currently training to do the Auckland Half in October.. Would I have time to get up to 50km? and having said that, are there groups around I can join that could help me get there? I currently do my long runs with the YMCA Marathon group here in Auckland but they will only be in maintenance mode over summer.

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