Northburn 100miler

The 100miler is all on for 2019.

100 miles is 161km folks, and this course will have you climbing and descending around 10,000m (32,808feet). That’s a good honest effort.

Click the maps below to view as Jpegs or down load the google earth files from the Route Profiles tab above. The 100mile (161km) course covers 3 maps, each loop starts and finishes in the same place – great to catch up with your supporters!

The first 50km loop take you from 200m above sea level (Start/finish) up near the most central point in New Zealand at around 1660m (2600m vertical climb). The second ‘loop’ is another 50km loop with a climb of 3750m. The third and final loop is only 10ks longer but still with steep climbs distributed through it (4000m vertical climb).  Total climb of about 10,000m.

There will be plenty of marshals along key areas of the course. The course will be well marked with directional arrows, plastic poles and reflective tape at night. There will be one aid station about half way round each loop with nutrition and electrolyte supplements. You will also be coming back through the start/finish area at the 50k and 100k marks so you will be able to pick up your personal refreshments/gear as required. There will be some extra fresh water re-fill positions (creeks) along the course so a water carrying capacity of about 2L per person should be adequate. There will be some compulsory re-fill points.

This is a dry, hard, rocky course mostly run over high country 4WD tracks but also including some short sections of fence lines and sheep tracks. The weather can be ‘changeable’ so your minimum gear must be carried at all times.

Should you complete the distance within 48hrs – you will become the proud owner of one of these.

The Buckle

Minimum gear requirements are:

  • small day backpack.
  • rain jacket – it can be just a ‘shell’ but it must be seam-sealed waterproof.
  • merino or thermal long sleeve top
  • extra fleece/ mid-weight  top.
  • Whistle
  • long thermal tights or trousers
  • warm beanie or Thir Band
  • polyprop gloves
  • survival blanket
  • own snacks, gels, energy bars etc
  • water bottles/bladders – enough to carry 2 litres of water at all times
  • headlight for night-time with back up batteries
  • reflector stripes or vest or back flashing light for night-time running
  • cell phone (recommended but optional)
  • gaiters (optional but recommended)
  • gps/compass optional
  • waterproof over trousers (good to have in your drop bag at TW (major aid station up the mountain) just in case.

Start: 6am Saturday at the marquee Northburn Station

Fee: $420 until October 1st. $490 until  1st March

Entries will be refunded less 20% Admin fee if organisers are notified by 1st March. No refunds after this date but your entry is transferable to another runner or to next years event.
Entries close March 1st. Late entries may be available at the race organisers   discretion but a late fee of NZ$50 will apply.

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86 thoughts on “Northburn 100miler

    • Maybe 2years away yet! I’m abit Crazy too – Good Luck to other Crazy People doing the event this year …….Gggggoooooo – Mike

  1. Hey Crew,
    Looking at running the Miler (my first 100mile) in 2013 and was wondering if the trail is as fire-trail heavy as Petch’s photos make it look. I’m coming from an Aussie Blue Mts TNF100 background so i’m just trying to get a feel for things. Thanks!

    • Hi Tegyn. We don’t call them fire trails round here (no tree’s) but the course is mostly run over ‘high country 4WD tracks’. There are a couple of sections of non tracked area (well marked) and a small emount of ‘well formed 4WD tracks’. Have a quick flick through these vids to get an idea of the course

      It’s quite unique country for NZ ‘barren and rocky’ but you great views 360′ including the Southern Alps… those who have competed seem to genuinely love it. Talk to the guys at Ultra168, Sam Gash…

      This course is VERY different from TNF100k.

      Hope this helps!

    • yes, please ! If you are still available.. My friend Gareth was going to pace me, but he is injured. It’ll be my 5th 160km event, but my first in New Zealand… Can we chat via email at xyzzy667 AT ? Thanks

    • Hi Andre – finally heard back from WSER… they are REDUCING the number of qualifying events not taking on more at the moment! Apparently they will review at a later date but they’re going to just focus on the well established big events – might be a while before we’re worthy!

      • Thanks much … that’s a pity. HK100 got in last year without further hassles. Anyway, thanks for trying, appreciate the follow-up, and let’s hope it’s not driven by overly protective measures across the pond to give the Americans undue advantage to qualify for WSER.

      • I just came to ask the same thing! That’s a shame as there’s so few QRs outside the US – and now only 1 race in NZ that qualifies.

  2. I see you’ve added an extra mid-weight wool top to the list of required gear. Do 220 icebreakers count? What about 200 or 180?
    Thanks 🙂
    Ties (pronounced teece)

  3. I am interested in taking the leap from 100km to 100miles. Can you provide any contacts for someone I could get some advice from about training and everything. Afterall, I don’t want to go into 160km underprepared!

  4. Are there any plans to make this a qualifying race for Mt Blanc ultra (to align with points earnt at Tarawera Ultra in Rotorua)? There are a heap of 2 point races but no 3’s in NZ and you need 5 points over 2 races in 2 years to qualify. Going to Oz just to get a qualifying race seems a bit of a shame! Cheers

  5. Why run 100 miles?
    Because to play rugby or cricket you only need 1 ball.
    Thanks team for a great event even tho I only toured 2/3 of it.
    Any thoughts of making the 160 a 3 day stage race in 2012 for us velocity challenged but determined runners?
    If that h2o bottle was a grey Nathan found on lap 1 it is mine and will collect.

  6. Hi All,
    This is my opinion only, but is based on my experience and is an attempt help those entered. I have run on this range, and the two ranges either side. I have run in the area during, summer and winter and in a variety of conditions. I have completed several 12, 24 hour and distance events in conditions and terrain similar to what we could expect. That includes the Motatapu events which are held in the 2nd week of March.

    Having said that.

    Weather – At this time of year it is not unusual for snow to fall. It fell at this time last year and has fallen at New Year in the past. It is not unusual to expect the temperature to fall to minus 5, several Motatapu starts have been that cold, as has the ridge section of the Kepler in December. Day temperatures could reach the 30’s and have done in the past. They were mid to high 20’s this past weekend.

    Shoes – wear what you are used to and what is comfortable. A spandiard will pierce whatever you are wearing, 100miles will do more damage than the odd spaniard. The rocks will also do more damage.

    Lights – No idea why the light is optional for the 1st loop. It will be dark until 7:15. The Motatapu Adventure run started at 6 and we needed lights until 7.


    • Good point Matt!! Of course it will still be dark when you start so headlights will be absolutely nessesary. (Hopefully you’re all well and truely bck from the first 50 before it get’s dark again).

      Fair point about the shoes too – however I’d just like to make it clear that this course is nothing like the Motatapu or the Kepler – I have road running shoes that I’d happilly run those two races in but I also have off-road shoes that I’d definately run this one in. If you have both types – bring the latter.

      • I tend to agree about the shoes as well, I’ll be in Trail ones.

        Competitive field – Lukes for the win. But then another 10 guys capable of filling out the minor slots. Tracey Woodford won’t have it easy in the womans either.

      • Agree, wear what you’re most comfortable with on the shoe front. Now is not the time to be changing what is the most important bit of kit you need.

        Very excited about this event now, looking forward to the cool after the Sydney heat this summer.

  7. Only learnt about this race in the latest Red Bulletin, sounds fantastic and good on you guys for putting something like this together. I have done 2 Barfoot & Thompson 100km and am about to do my 2nd Oxfam 100km. Would love to do this but will have to wait to next year as my training would be well under at the moment. All the best for your event and I will be there next year. Cheers Kim

    • The 100miler is the biggest category so far with 20 entered. We expect there are a few holding off entering until the last minute in case of injuries and that sort of thing –

    • Sorry Callum – been a bit slack on the replies…

      At ‘The Barn’ Race central, there will be water, powerade, pumpkin soup, boiled potatoes and the opportunity to get your own supplies. Competitors pass back through this area every 50km or so.
      Competitors doing the 160k or 100k courses will have an additional point out on the mountain where we will have a large covered trailer you can store a personal bag of gear in – this can have food, drinks, extra clothing, light batteries… You will not pass this point on the first 50km but you will pass it a couple of times on the 60km and final 50km loop. There will be one Aid station per loop with Water, Powerade, and Manuka Boosta Bars on them. I’ll go in and ammend the maps to have the correct ‘A’ for Aid station and ‘B’ for Bag drops in the correct places now.

  8. Hi team.
    Is it possible to get a list of food / supplements / drinks that will be available at the aid stations half way around the three loops.
    I understand that there is the option of athletes having a personal food bag at these aid stations. Is this the case?

    Kind regards,

  9. Hi team.
    Is it possible to get a list of food / supplements / drinks that will be available at the aid stations half way around the three loops.
    I understand that there is the option of athletes having a personal food bag at these aid stations. Is this the case?

    Kind regards,

  10. On the mandatory gear.Do you have to carry all of gear from the start or can you pick up your lights,vest,batteries after the first loop..

    Minimum gear requirements are:

    ■small day backpack.
    ■light rain jacket
    ■merino or thermal long sleeve top
    ■long tights or trousers
    ■warm cap or beanie
    ■polyprop gloves
    ■survival blanket
    ■own snacks, gels, energy bars etc
    ■water bottles/bladders – enough to carry 2 litres of water at all times
    ■headlight for night-time with back up battery
    ■reflector stripes or vest or back flashing light for night-time running

  11. Hi Northburn
    Just want to ask a question about the aid stations, where are they located or do you have to carry food and water for the whole 100 miles?

    Looks like a great course (3 loops)

    Cheers Kieron

  12. Hi there.

    Will there be an area close to the course where my support crew (and other support crews) can set up a small 2/3 man tent? This would be of benefit as the runners pass through transition (a quick sleep and for storage of race food).

    If this is possible, from when could we set our tent up?

    Looking forward to it.


    • Hi Callum, Yes there will be a place for tents with portaloo nearby and drinking water. a couple of days in advance is no problem. However we will be encouraging as many as possible to utilise ‘The Shed’ Race base main room 20 m by 9 m space for competitors and support crew to ‘utilise’ i.e sleep/massage/eat etc. Tom

  13. After just having sweated out another run over the hump track just wondering if the sites on the maps marked as marshals will have water available. Would love to do this one but its 3 hellish climbs and still the odd nuisance of being 160km. Will keep pushing the training and see in Feb. Good luck to all others in preperation.

    • Hi Wayne, keep up the training! We will be requiring competitors to carry at least 2 litres of water and there will be water available every two hours. New updated maps on the way before christms with more detail. Tom

  14. I’m a short, fat bloke so would’ve looked at the 50km but have signed up for the Tararua Mountain race a couple of weeks before. Your event looks great though, are you still looking for volunteers? Would love to be a part of the main event.


    • Hi Ian, hey good on ya for doing the Tararua Mtn run, I did that a few years back, it is a beauty.

      If you are keen to come down and be a volunteer we’d be very happy to have you!

      Thanks very much – (Tom will email you directly for more contact details.)

  15. Hardrock 100 appears to have similar elevation change but with only less than 1/3 of the finishers completing before 36 hours and 2/3 completing by 40 hours…Perhaps a slightly more generous cut off time for the softer runners like myself ?

  16. No response from my earlier mail.A suggestion to get a bigger field….allow slow/old runners to start 12 hours early and be totally self supporting until the “normal” field start.These runners could have a tape on their number so they would not be confused with the leaders.Two friends from Canada were dead keen to do NZs first official trail 100 til the saw altitude profiles and cutoffs.I’m also a definite if this idea was taken up on.Please reply either through this site or my email.
    Keep truckin’………Jim

    • Hi Jim, it’s a good idea but unfortunately the first loop has a couple of ‘off trail’ sections where marshals will be absolutely critical to ensure runners stay on the course. Any ‘early’ runners would be doing the first loop in the dark and from a safety point of view we have to err on the side of caution. We will be relaxed about the cut-off time, slower runners will most likely be allowed to finish after the cut off (depending on their condition and distance still to go…)

      • That is an excelent response for us slower folks.
        Hoping to head down from the North Island for this.

    • Yes there is. I’ve just up-dated the website to include –
      Minimum gear requirements are:

      * small day backpack.
      * light rain jacket
      * merino or thermal long sleeve top
      * long tights or trousers
      * warm cap or beanie
      * polyprop gloves
      * survival blanket
      * own snacks, gels, energy bars etc
      * water bottles/bladders – enough to carry 2 litres of water at all times
      * headlight for night-time with back up battery
      * reflector stripes or vest or back flashing light for night-time running

      * cell phone (recommended but optional)
      * gps/compass optional

  17. Great to not have to head over to the States for a hundred miler.Course looks great, you just have to love those Mountains.
    Good job Lisa and the rest of the crew.
    Dan Greig
    In the pursuit of happiness.

  18. Congrats Lisa,Tom,Glen,Emma,Terry and Ed for your iniative.Cool to think wont have to go to U.S. to satisfy the addiction!
    Am currently in the States doing a bunch of 100s but any suggestions you might want would be happy to oblige eg. fair cutoffs based on altitude change etc.A couple of guys from Canada are already dead keen.
    cheers…………..Jim PS…………….Love the buckle design!!!

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