Latest email – 18th March

Hi all, well the weather forecast seems OK at this stage but I don’t trust it one little bit! However it would have to be an ‘extreme’ weather event to change the course (worse than a wee blizzard or 100km/hr winds…). Whatever happens there will be a 50k, 100k and 160k event on and they will all include ridiculous amounts of steep climbs. If you are missing some kit Grant from BCR will be there and have thermals/water proofs for sale. check out who-all has entered at this link. Please check we have you entered in the correct distance and age category. Results will be available here as people finish, other up-dates will be on our facebook page but mostly on and thanks very much Grant!


If you are planning on taking a smart phone with you we would like to recommend you download these free apps so in the extremely unlikely event that we loose you, we can at least track your phone! Check out these links below – Brent, our medic man (and tech guru) will talk to you at registration and help you with any tech issues you may have. We’re just trialling it this year but in the future it is likely we will have a GPS tracking system so we and your friends can follow your progress over the mountain.


For Android (Leave code as the default) i.e. ‘wmd gps’)


For iphone


When you turn up on Friday to register and get your gear checked you will also be weighed and talked to by Brent the medical director… please come along in your running gear (shoes, shorts, tshirt) so our weight measurements can be accurate. You may be weighed again as you come through the start finish area after each loop.


Extra meal tickets for the presentation can be bought at ‘the Shed’ (5min walk from the Start/Finish area) on the Friday and Saturday (Sunday also for the 100mile presentations on Monday). The presentations will be at the Shed – it’s a top meal and well worth it if you have supporters around.


Speaking of supporters, check out the ‘fun events’ on during the day on Saturday , a half marathon in the morning (all but the slowest half’ runners will be finished before the very fastest 50ker comes in) and then a 5k or 10k night run in the evening – should be finished before most 100kers and 160kers are finished their 2nd loop. Also a 1.5km kids adventure course early afternoon… The North Face, Salomon and the Back Country Runner (featuring Thir product!) will have exhibits, and there’ll be a BBQ going all day raising money for some local kids planning a trip to Base Camp in the Himalaya’s so plenty going on to keep things half interesting.


See ya in a few days!


Terry Davis

021 284 6844


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