Email to competitors

Hi everybody, hope you are all fit and well.

This is just a wee reminder email about the key stuff you need to know. – the timeline of activities, thecompusory gear, the pre-race briefing and a couple of helpful bits and bobs…

So here is the order of events… you’ll need to be at Northburn Station on Friday the 22nd March:

  • 12pm – 5pm Friday 22nd March 2013 at the marquee, Northburn Station –registration, gear check and ‘meet your fellow competitors’ (drinks and nibbles provided) Free shuttle to Northburn Station from the Golden Gate Lodge on the hour from 12pm. Free return afterwards also. Please be in good time – we will have some exhibitors set up so there will be things to look around – we don’t want a rush at 4.30pm!
  • 5pm Friday 22nd at the Marquee – Pre race briefing (Also check out the video log of the course. for more briefing type details…)
  • 6am Saturday 23rd at the Marquee, Northburn Station (5mins out of Cromwell) race start. (mass start of all 3 distances – 50km, 100km and 160km distances)
  • 6am Monday 25th course closes (you have up to 48hours to complete the full distance)- runners still on the course may be collected by a support vehicle at the race organisersdiscretion.
  • 12pm Sunday 24th at The Shed, Northburn Station. 50k and 100k lunch and presentations.
  • 12pm Monday 25th at The Shed, Northburn Station. 100 mile Lunch and presentations

This year Terry will be doing the minimum gear check – if you’ve competed here before you will understand the need for this minimum gear – it is not just for the fun of making you carry extra weight – it quite literally could be the difference between finishing and getting evacuated off. So here it is:

Minimum gear requirements are: These must be in your pack OR on your body (you can be wearing them) AT ALL TIMES.


  • small day backpack.
  • rain jacket – it can be just a ‘shell’ but it must be seam-seeled waterproof.


  • merino or thermal long sleeve top – this can be a ‘base layer’e.g. but must have thermal (keep you warm) qualities – NOT a ‘cool max’ type of fabric.
  • extra fleece/mid wieght wool top. This must also have thermal qualities AND be a bit thicker than the ‘base layer’. e.g.


  • long thermal tights or trousers (compression leggings are not acceptable – unless they are the fancy new Skins Thermal compression tights – Polly prop or merino are the norm)
  • warm cap or beanie – the standard sports fabric runners cap is NOT acceptable – Think wool, fleece, or polly prop.
  • polyprop / thermal/ warm gloves
  • survival blanket (may be known as an emergency blanket – thin, silver – you can get bags now they are even better)
  • own snacks, gels, energy bars etc
  • water bottles/bladders – enough to carry 2 liters of water
  • headlight for night-time with back up battery’s.
  • reflector stripes or vest or back flashing light for night-time running – (most backpacks have this built in these days – it’s so we can find you if we’re looking for you in the dark!)


The above items must be in your pack or on your person AT ALL TIMES.

These next ones are optional but probably a good idea.


  • cell phone
  • gaiters
  • gps/compass – although the course will be very well marked.


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED We expect all 100km and 160km runners to have 2 ‘other’ bags full of gear – one you will leave at the start/ finish area where you come back to at the end of each loop and one we will take up the mountain for you – PLEASE ENSURE THESE BAGS ARE CLEARLY NAMED.


Drop bag for ‘TW’ – TW is the central check point near the top of the mountain that you pass by several times on various crossings of the high mountain routes.


We transport your extra drop bag to this check point for you so fill it up with lots of heavy stuff – e.g.


  • Extra batteries for your headlamp
  • Heavier/warmer water proof jacket
  • Heavier/warmer water proof mitts (mitts are significantly warmer than gloves)
  • Water proof over-trousers
  • Extra set of thermals
  • Extra fleece/merino top.
  • Balaclava
  • Extra, specific food/electrolytes


Make sure your bag for TW has your name and distance (100k or 160k) clearly marked on it. You will hand this in at registration. We will have several walk-in trailers up at TW and bags will bearranged alphabetically. If you want you may choose to have a plastic container instead of a bag – this could be sat along the outside of the trailer for quicker access. It would need to have a decent lid that would not blow off in high winds! Again it would need to be clearly named.

If you don’t have the correct item you will need to pop into Cromwell (5mins away) and buy the correct item. You will not be allowed on course with insufficient gear.

Pacers must register with you – they must take all minimum gear for themselves the same as you. They are not allowed to carry your minimum gear. Remember the use of a pacer is purely for those out to ‘complete the distance’. Those using pacers are not eligible for ‘placings’. See our pacer policy here.

You can read the pre-race briefing notes here.  Then email me if you have any questions –

There will either be fresh water in creeks or in plastic containers at various points around the course- usually every 7-10km – yes some of these sections may take you 2hours or more to traverse/climb.

We will have R-Line electrolytes, boiled potatoes and pumpkin soup at the start/finish area and atTW. We will have energy bars and electrolytes at ‘Top’  – this is half way through the first 50kloop.

Supporters may be able to get a ride up to TW $20 each way in an official 4WD vehicle – this is serious 4WD country so no unorthorised vehicles will be allowed on the mountain.

OK, thanks for reading all this! It’s getting exciting now. Take it easy, eat and sleep well and we look forward to seeing you on Friday the 22nd March.


Race Director
Northburn 100






7 thoughts on “Email to competitors

  1. Hey Terry,   I intend to be camping somewhere close to the start line, will any facilities (eg: toilets/showers) be available to runners? Will we be able to use refridgerators for food and drinks? Cant afford the Goldengate so regardless ill still be basecamped at Northburn 🙂


    • northburn100 says:
      March 10, 2013 at 6:42 pm (Edit)
      Yeh Golden Gate is booked out anyway. There will be VERY basic facilities at Northburn – port-a-loos, one dodgy old shower, no kitchen or fridge this year I think… Top 10 holiday park is only just over the bridge – 5mins from Northburn, – check out previous facebook comments from runners looking to share costs on a room…

    • What we lack in numbers we make up for in QUALITY of the participants! After encouraging entries pre-Christmas we have had over 20% pull out with a variety of issues – mostly injuries so looks like it’ll finish up with 100miles 55, 100km, 25, 50km 20.

    • Yeh Golden Gate is booked out anyway. There will be VERY basic facilities at Northburn – port-a-loos, one dodgy old shower, no kitchen or fridge this year I think… Top 10 holiday park is only just over the bridge – 5mins from Northburn, – check out previous facebook comments from runners looking to share costs on a room…

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