Traveling to Central Otago for the Northburn100?

See info below – or if you want help please get in touch with these guys – they live in Cromwell and organise trips all over the world…

If arriving on an international flight, we recommend you arrive in Queenstown NZ on Thursday the 21st March 2013. Best to have plenty of time to organise yourself before the pre-race registration (gear check) and  briefing on the Friday between 12pm – 6pm. Everyone MUST be at the pre-race briefing (for safety purposes) at 5pm Friday.

For Accommodation options in Cromwell (5min drive from Northburn) click here.

Prize giving is at 12pm on Sunday (for the 50k and 100k) and on the Monday for the 100miles. In theory you could fly out of Queenstown late that day but if you had time and would like to see a bit more of the country an extra day or two could be very easily filled up with some scenic drives/flights to some very special locations e.g. (40min drive away) or Milford Sound (20min drive + 30min scenic flight)

If you are just staying for the minimum time you have to, I would suggest you don’t bother renting a car. We will have a van leaving from Cromwell Accommodation options to take you to the pre-race briefing, race start and back to the prize giving return . We can also organise transport from the Queenstown Airport to Cromwell and back.


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