Preliminary Results and Splits.

Click here for a preadsheet. Blue columns are finishing times in hours and minutes. Splits are the time of day a runner went passed a marshal point. Race started at 6am.

A nice ‘clean’ pdf of results and placings with age categories will follow soon.


2 thoughts on “Preliminary Results and Splits.

  1. Just thought you should know that you have shown Caro Gates as top finisher in womens 50 km, but it was won by Emma Bilous at 7 hrs 15, 42 min ahead of Caro. Emma wasn’t even shown as finisher on the cover page. I’m sure she would appreciate her inclusion and recognition. Cheers,

    Peter Bilous (the guy minding the kids!)

    • Yeh sorry Peter – haven’t got this years results up except for the splits spreadsheet. The results below are from 2011 (I should shift them). Will get onto it ASAP!

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