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Hi everyone, just a couple of things we need to update you on.

Pacers (friends to go with you through the night or for the last few stumbling killometers) are now allowed. They will need to fill in a form, sign a waiver and have a yarn with the medic at pre race registration or before they head out onto the course. Please see our official ‘policy’ on pacing here.

I recently did the 100miles to check it out from a competitors perspective – see how it went here

Pre-race breifing notes have been up-dated since last year – see here

Thanks very much to Kia motors coming on board as a sponsor Lisa will be driving back and forth between Cromwell and Queenstown so let us know your arrival times and we may well be able to pick you up!

If you need accommodation in Cromwell don’t forget to give Glen a call at the Golden Gate Lodge +64 +3 4451777

Hope your training is going well! More info to follow in a couple of weeks.


The Northburn100 team,
Lisa, Tom, Terry and Glen.


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