A video log of the 100miles…

I was shocked last year by the unanimous looks of absolute anguish as finishers came over the line completing the 100mile event. I wanted to see if it was really that hard!? Guess what? It is. And I had company for the first 100km… here’s how I went.

At the end of it all I was thinking – how can I encourage people to come and put themselves through such a tortuous event?? And here’s the thing, the 50km and 100km are great challenging distances that can actually be enjoyed. Those who enter the 100miles are expecting to be challenged beyond their ‘comfort level’, to those people I can in all sincerity say – you will get your moneys worth.

Tips? Trekking poles – I’d like to use them I think next time. Gaiters over your socks – there are a few grass-seads and small stones you don’t want in your shoes. Spare socks and shoes at bag drop area’s. Don’t eat chocolate brownies! 3 out of 3 of us who had some felt sick afterwoods.


8 thoughts on “A video log of the 100miles…

  1. Good to see the videos. I can see how our training through the Waitakeres will pay off. Well done Terry and co for a great effort. I trust you have recovered well. I am SO looking forward to event day and I’m not even joking. Thankful, however, that we’re only doing 50ks at this point.

  2. Absolutely awesome effort Terry old boy.Give your self one of those very cool Rams head buckles.You have some sort of a future as a wild life narrator on T.V.
    Looking forward to a second crack at the monster!

  3. Good on ya Brent! I hope you got as much out of it as I did! Painful at the time, but you get lots of contemplation over the following week :).

  4. Thanks for the video blogs – they help a bunch…

    When/why did they change the order of the loops – it seems like it used to be 50k, 60k, 50k ?
    The map for the 60k loop still says: “100 mile, 2nd 60k loop”…
    Doesn’t really matter, just interested why..

    Looking forward to this


    • Originally we thought it would be easier to finish on a 50k loop than a 60k loop. It meant NOT doing the loops in geographical order which made tracking the competitors and managing the marshals much more of a hassel. In fact, the 60km loop has more runnable sections than the 50km loop last year and with a major aid station up the mountain it’s not like you’re going out there for the final 60km unsupported… So short story is – it’s easier for us to track the competitors, it’s easier to manage the marshals, and it’s probably a nicer loop to finish on – although by this stage nothing actually feels ‘nice’!

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