10 Reasons why you should consider competing in the Northburn100 Ultra Mountain Run:

10. You get to tell your friends you competed in one of the toughest mountain run courses in the world.
9. The weather ‘should’ be good – Northburn station get’s an average rainfall of 24cm (about 10 inches) of rain each year. March is typically our most settled month.
8. You get to run/hike over some unique, iconic Central Otago high country.
7. We have a highly experienced medic team and effective yet non restrictive safety plan.
6. You get to meet Lisa Tamati in person!
5. All starters get a Lisa Tamati original bracelet, all 100mile finishers get the coveted belt buckle.
4. There is plenty of walking (up some very steep hills) to intersperse the incessant running involved with completing such distances.
3. No tarmac, you don’t touch a sealed road through any of the 160km (100miles).
2. The location, Central Otago and New Zealand are well worth the long flight.

And the number 1 reason you should sign up for the Northburn100 is… The sense of accomplishment after knocking this baby off will last you the rest of your life.


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