Lisa completed ‘the High’ in the Himalayas

Himalayas: The Race: 14 Aug 2011 11:06 AM

I DID IT!!!!!!!!…. no no no WE DID IT, we did it, we did it,… firstly to my crew, my dearest crew, you did everything in your powers to make it possible for me to complete this gruelling adventure… I love you guys and I couldnt have done it without you… every single step of the way you were there, willing me to the finish. At times you even protected me with your bodies from the diabolical truck convoys, you gave me strength to fight through the snow storms, the sand storms,the terrifying heat. You picked me up when I passed out. You held me when I broke… you calmed when when the panic attacks, the asthma attacks debilitated me. I have never experienced such dedication in my life.. and when was willing to keep on going…. you were prepared to put yourselves, your comfort, your health your heart into my dream. This was not a victory mine alone but of me and my crew and my wonderful wonderful sponsors who believed when I said I could do the highest and toughest ultramarathon at the roof of the world in the himalaya.

To chris, my powerhouse, my protector, my motivator,the one who made me pull all the last reserves out of my battered body and my at times close to broken spirt, to Josh, my passionate, fighter,with the determination of steel and the action to back it up, to Venkat, the dad of the crew the quiet the organiser, the smoother of ways, to Luke (my tireless cameraman, the capturer of the drama, my companion on the road and the one who provided the biggest laugh to us all at the finish line when in a rush to film us he when arse over turkey and faceplanted inthe dirt but still managed to save the shot, to Rana, my smiley, dedicated, tireless crew man and pacer and Sunny who smoothed the way for me from the start, eased my way into india and got me to the start line before having to leave us …
To you all I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The race was so full of stories that I dont know where to start. forgive me when I am so choked up with emotion right now that I cant really begin to even tell the story but it will unfold it the next days. IT WAS EPIC AND BRUTAL AND OFTEN MORE THAN I COULD COPE IT.

MORE TO COME I PROMISE…. visit here for future blogs


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