Day 15 from Lisa in the Himalaya’s

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first up apologies the last two days blogs arent there yet. day one the shops were all closed due to anniversary of the flood that killed so many here and so couldnt get blog out then next day internet was down, so have written it all up but on lukes computer so it will come out of sequence tomorrow.

Anyway.   last night we were filming in the market down town in leh, chris interviewing me as we walked through the chaotic streets, josh and venkat making sure the cameraman who was walking backwards didnt get hit or walk into any thing.  on the streets its donkeys, wild dogs, carts, beggars, people selling wares on the road, tons of cars and heaps of people so we had to be careful.  but when we turned a corner, and josh wasnt looking, Chris got hit by a car, side swiped so to  speak, no damage but a good reminder of what not to do and dam good audio for the doco, ahhhh…. sh….t,  oh man  are you aright….etc etc.  unfortunately the camera wasnt rolling. ha.
Since yesterday morning i have been sick with ladakh belly,and feeling very weak, but its coming right slowly.  i am petrified that I will have a sick tummy when race day comes,  nothing worse than trying to run 222km over the himalayas with diahroea i can assure you… flashbacks to the misery of niger…
This morning at 5am i was woken up by the worst dog fight i have ever heard. it was horrific and one poor dog who was literally squealing must have been being ripped apart it was quite horrid to hear.
all my boys went to Thiksey monastery, a famous monastery nearby.  this morning, but i stayed home to pack and sort.
venkat and josh came back at 9am but luke and chris continued up to tanglang la pass with the other runners to interview and film them (dedication i tell you, its a 9 hour trip or more out to there)  i didnt go because i have already been up to the passes 6 times.
Sam gash did her first up hill walk 5km to the top of kardung la pass yesterday and agreed with me, its bloody hard going just to walk.
Josh, venkat and I have been packing and repacking, getting last minute supplies, and then went down town where i indulged in my favourite pass time of buying jewels for the shop.  Got a couple of incedible pieces after much haggling.
lunch then sleep, its all about rest and recovery from here on in.  Race day thursday.
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forgot to add that one of the race Cathy Todd pulled out today and has flown out already.  so we are now to six.  She wasnt adapting to the altitude and was feeling constantly unwell and she said she came to the himalayas to race in a pristine environment not in the extremely polluted air here and she  didnt want to risk her health with that or the altitude its just too risky to have permanent damage.  I share her sentiments but am doing it anyway.  None of us had bargained for the pollution


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