Day 8 of Lisa in the Himalayas

at 6am the rest of the runners and their crews landed in leh after three days of sightseeing and receptions in Delhi. I thought it more important to be up here acclimatising as I really dont think 9 days is enough at all.

We are down to just seven runners now… dont know whats happened, whether the others have thought better of it.

Its always a bit of a strange meeting, everyone getting together for the first time and sizng each other up and swapping status and plans. Sam is here with her top notch crew including Ryan Bennett who was placed second in sahara with us last year, he will be a great asset to her as a pacer.

Ray sanchez, the legendary badwater, arrowhead and and and champ and ex golden gloves boxer was all confidence, ah we will just have fun and enjoy it… hm easier said than done for me.

Rajat the director and his crew have also arrived and are being bombarded with questions requests, changes etc. its a huge undertaking and I wouldnt really like to be in his boots right now,…. ah but then i am not sure i want to be in my own either….

I have had some good and some very bad news. The good is that Luke from Nalu productions is on board, somehow chris ord, wes greene and stuart myerscough have pulled off a miracle and gotten him visas, flights etc. I am totally stoked to have him on board. I also met up with the other doco crew Barry Walton who is keen to cooperate so I am feeling positive that this doco is going to be worthy of this crazy race. Cause I dont think i will be repeating it somehow… too dangerous.

The very bad news I had today is terrible. My main man here in leh Sunny Grewal has to go home urgently with a major medical problem with one his family members. I am hoping things will be ok for his family and of course health and family must come first. He feels terrible leaving me I know but this is just a race after all.

So poor sunny has been despertely trying to deal with indian bureaucracy to get his tickets changed and is running up against brick walls but he hopes to be on his way at 7am, only half an hour after chris and Luke arrive. I am very thankful to Sunny for all his help this week he has looked after me like a big brother and has gone beyond the call of duty. Taking his place on my crew will be his lovely quiet brother-in-law Rana who has been with us all this week. Unfortunately Rana doesnt speak much english but I have one other indian driver with us so that will help. Rana is just jumping in the deep end and I am very grateful again.

We had a first medical briefing, there are 5 doctors here almost more than runners. Kunal informed everyone today to take it easy. Two tourists just arrived in the morning and died in the evening a few days ago. (it had a few in the crews freaking out) . We have discussed taking altitude tablets and their sideeffects etc and the studies and research they will be undertaking and vital signs they will be monitoring throughout. They are taking this very seriously.

Molly sheridan, the woman who attempted it last year is back to try again… she got to 120km last year and will be telling us of her experiences later this evening…….more online at


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