Day 11 from Himalayas with Lisa

Finally my crew are all here. 6am we were up and ready to pick up cameraman luke mcnee from nalu productions. no one knew what he looked like but he was the white guy with the huge amount of luggage we gathered. back to base camp. interviews with the other doco crew working here and crew interview with race director going over preparation, roles of each crew member, safety measures, communication measure, and the giving out of the official t shirts for crews and runners. Then luxury of luxuries… a 45 min massage with physiotherapist who has come all this way from Dellaware, to gather more experience int he field so to speak. She was struggling to massage us in the primitive conditions on the floor and the altitude was making it hard physical labour for her… we are all very thankful for the commitment of all the medical staff.

at 10am we went to the airport to pick our last but definitely not least… Josh Paurini who had had a mammoth flight from nz to leh straight through, its josh’s first time out of nz and he has now been here 4 hours buts seems to be taking it all in his stride, only the first visit to the toilet made him gag a bit. We went for lunch which took 4 hours to get fed, Indian time whoa… the speed here makes a snail look fast.

And now my team and i are on the march around the town looking for supplies and food in the myriad of tiny shops here selling a very limited supply of stuff. so far, one seat, two gas cartridges for the cooker, two packets of 2 min noodles, 4 soup packets, tissues, chewing gum, a jar of apricot marmalade and quarter kilo of almonds, a jar of nuttella and some crackers, i wonder if that will feed 6 people for 6 days.hmmm maybe not.

just left the boys still wandering around heading back before a nap for josh deliverance of megan stewarts instructions tonight.

talk soon

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