2nd update on Lisa from the Himalayas

blog day 2
i have found my crewman sunny, thank the lord, was getting rather worried and on a more basic level, i have found toilet paper…. phew.
life up in leh is starting to become normal, the culture shock and jet lag, although still there are diminishing. I am still struggling to breath and its a weird feeling to be sitting doing nothing and puffing. oooh how am i going to run at 2000 metres higher than this and not for 5 mins but for 60 hours and 222km. Incomprehensible to my struggling body right now. I am trying to remember events like walking across the libyan desert with 35kg, I remember putting the backpack on in the hotel room and not knowing if i could even cross the room… let alone 250km of desert but somehow I did it, so somehow I have to be able to do this as well… surely. omg
havent got out of the town yet which is the usual third world town chaos, just with the added bonuses of heaps of wild dogs and roaming holy cows, tibetan monks and hippy tourists.
Sunny and I have made a plan for the next few days. Tomorrow is the start … we head up to the chang lang la pass (the first on my running route) at a height of 5400m to check it out and feel the altitude and to do some sightseeing and walking at that level.

Cant wait to get out of the hot chaos of town even if it its culturally extremely interesting. We just visited a buddhist temple and got some footage of the tibetans in their place of worship.. wonderful. last night I even spun the prayer wheel with trillions of little bit of paper inside with the chant omi padme hum (excuse the incorrect spelling). Hope it helps, I need all the help I can get.
The mountains that surround us are daunting and the weather can change in an instant i have been told. Kunal said when mapping the course he had inside a few short hours, sand storms, snow storms, rain and wind…. and rajat the director was saying… yeah the harder the better… right now I am not sharing this sentiment… its hard enough as it is.

My little lungs are in for a hard time… of that I am sure.
the day after chang lang la we will rest then the following day head up the second half of the route and the second pass Taglang la. I am keen to see what we are in for and get a feel for the place.
The following day we will visit an incredibly spectacular lake and check out some scenery. May even do a bit of white water rafting, camel riding and looking for the elusive snow leopard.
Got to speak to my mum today which was wonderful. I miss home as soon as I am away and especially travelling in third world countries its makes you appreciate every little thing we take for granted at home, like flushing loos, and electricity…
And this is why it is so good for us kiwis to travel. I will say it again /… we live in paradise.
Day two on the other side of the world. sighning off below the shadows of the himalayan Korakorum mountain range. Lisa


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