1st update on Lisa in the Himalayas

day one
after 35 hours enroute i have arrived in Leh a town in himalayas where I will be based fort he next two weeks while I acclimatise.
We are at an altitude of 3500 m.
I just flew in over one of the most spectacular vistas possible. the himalayan mountain range and to be honest I am very reminded of death valley. Its pure desert here, only a few green spots in the valleys.
The scale here is enormous.
The army presence here is huge and beside them are tourists, climbers, trekkers and druggies mostly.
I cant find my crew man sunny, he is awol and I am a bit nervous till i find him.
My accom is good or tho there is no electricity most of the time, its something that comes and goes up here, no toilet paper anywhere in site, oh god, and only cold water. have eaten lunch which was surprisingly good and am wandering the town slowly, very slowly trying to adapt and get over the heat, the jet lag, the culture shock. Got to find some toilet paper… my mission this arvo..
the people seem pretty laid back (except the army) not to mess with. no one attacks you if you look in there store but let you browse and I have seen some fascinating jewellery which I want to explore more and bring some bits home, love getting pieces from the places I visit, with local gemstones and artisans.

I am feeling ok just dazed and swollen from flying. but all good, two weeks till countdown,
have had a meeting with Kunal who is part of the organising team here and have got the heads up on altitude and what to do… all good , he is an interesting character who speaks 6 languages, is an IT professional, and climber who guides tourists here.

life is interesting, but missing home already… we live in paradise
bye all talk again tomorrow


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