Brutal but short.

Yesterday Terry Davis (Race director) and I ran 7km, or actually had to walk the steep bits!, of the last ‘loop’ of the 100 miler, took about 25 minutes to climb the 400 m from the main road, check out these photos!

As Terry said after we got to the top of the climb “Well, that was BRUTAL but short”, although it is at about the 140 km mark of the total 160!

A picture is worth a thousand words!



3 thoughts on “Brutal but short.

  1. Looks quality guys… keep the pictures coming – loads of them. It’s the only thing us runners over the pond have to keep us going before race day.

  2. Geezzz Tom, you make it sound like we only ran 7km – for the record I’d just like to point out we ran a good 15km to get to and back from the 7k section of the course.

    Awesome country to run over though!

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