Running Hot, the Lisa Tamati story…

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The first Australasian woman to take on Badwater – the world’s toughest race through Death Valley – Lisa Tamati’s incredible journey of ultra-running endurance, heartbreak and resilience is an astounding read for athletes as well as the armchair-inclined. Click here to buy now.

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The Badwater ultramarathon through Death Valley in the United States is one of the world’s toughest races. Lisa Tamati was the first New Zealand woman to compete in the race alongside such legends of the sport as Dean Karnazes and David Goggins.
But Lisa’s story is so much more than that one race. At the age of 19 she suffered a crippling back injury and was told she should give up running. She took that as a challenge and, with her Austrian boyfriend, went on to run, walk, bike and paddle her way across thousands of kilometres of Europe, Scandinavia and Africa before taking on the ultimate challenge – an unassisted crossing of the Libyan Desert.
What happened in that desert would change the course of Lisa’s life and instil in her a love of desert running. Running Hot is a story of a life lived to the max – a story of challenges, setbacks, heartbreaks and triumph.

About Lisa Tamati with Nicola McCloy

Lisa Tamati was the first New Zealand woman ever to complete the Badwater Ultramarathon through Death Valley. She discovered her love of ultrarunning while living in Europe and has completed most of the world’s toughest endurance races. She now lives in her hometown of New Plymouth where, when she’s not training, she works as a jeweller.
Nicola McCloy is an Auckland based author who has written several books including the bestselling Whykickamoocow.


One thought on “Running Hot, the Lisa Tamati story…

  1. Lisa Tamati’s book, RUNNING HOT is by far one of my most favourite running books I have ever read! Reading about Lisa’s personal and running life was not only awe inspiring but I could relate to her on so many levels! She has a real passion for long distance running and a great kiwi attitude and “just gets on with it!” I felt a real connection with Lisa. I looked forward to opening up her book and reading through the pages as it was like calling a good friend on the phone and having a good chat! Lisa is just an amazing woman and an incredible athlete! Cheers, Lesley

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